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Lesser Known French Glass

Apart from the giants of French Glass, there are a host of other lesser names. Foremost among these is probably Sabino. Marius Sabino, a Sicilian-born Frenchman, opened his glassworks in the 1920s, producing moulded opalescent glass.

His glass often shows more colour than Lalique's, due, of course, to the recipe he used. Although light fittings were the first items the factory produced, they went on to vases, car mascots, and small animals and birds.

The factory closed in 1939 but reopened in in the 60s, using some of the original moulds.

Other French producers of opalescent glass were Etling & Cie, shown here with a magnificent Art Deco dish in the Sunflower pattern, available to buy in our Etsy shop

Verlys and Verlux, with this Seaweed pattern dish, among many others. This dish and two smaller ones are available to buy in our Etsy shop.

Apart from opalescent glass, France also produced great names like Legras, Argy-Rousseau, Baccarat and Schneider (Le Verre Francais). Two pieces of Legras are shown here. Both are available to buy on our Etsy shop.

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