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Wedgwood : King's Lynn Glass and the designer, Ronald Stennett-Willson

The name Wedgwood is usually associated with pottery, but in 1969 the company of King's Lynn Glass was bought by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons in order to diversify into glass production. A talented designer, Ronald Stennett-Willson, was appointed as managing director and the company was on its way to becoming a new star in the field of British glass.

Stennet-Willson had worked for Wuidart, the British agent for the Swedish firm,Orrefors, and had designed for various different companies. He formed his own company, King's Lynn Glass in 1967, two years before it became a subsidiary of the Wedgwood group. Many of his designs show a Scandinavian influence but it is for his candlestick ranges that he is primarily known. The group above is from the highly popular Sheringham range which have in their stems varying numbers of discs. These go from one disc to nine, those with the most discs being the hardest to make.
Tableware was the main product of the 70s, but also very popular were the glass animals that were produced in a great variety of forms and colours.

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